Thursday, 22 August 2013


It was a long Hari Raya break that we spent a lot of quality time with E-an and I am glad that he actually got the concept of going to school :p

Conversation 1

Daddy: E-an, ni la KL...
E-an: ooo KL...
Daddy: E-an nak jadik budak KL?
E-an: Tak naaaak...
Daddy: Abis tu?
E-an: E-an nak jadik budak sekolah... erk...

Conversation 2

Daddy: If E-an good boy, g syurga, if naughty, g neraka.
E-an: Aaaaa
Daddy: E-an nak g syurga ke neraka?
E-an: Tak naaaak... E-an nak g school... erk

As I mentioned earlier, I am happy if they are happy... ngeeee...

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Oh ooo...

It has been forever since the last time I wrote although I have tried really hard to write every month.  Yes, I have been busy with lots of things... now it is Ramadhan and I have a lot to be thankful... Alhamdullilah... a lot to pray and seek from Allah.  One test after another... I know Allah loves me and I have grown stronger and wiser... at least that is what I think... Allahuakhbar...  Allahuakbar... Allahuakhbar...

Saturday, 30 March 2013


E-an is a handful, very energetic bam bam... hehehe... that I have asked his paedetrician, is he hyper active?  His paed said, don't say that... and from my understanding E-an is full of live...full of energy.

Now, that he is wiser, he could escape from the stroller and the I run, you chase game begins.  He thinks it is fun, but of course not for us.  We could see worried, irritated etc faces from other parents that we decided to use the safety harness.  And more stories to share...

We usually use it for our train, boat etc. trips.  We have had this situation once where an elderly man at the Pangkor jetty approached my brother-in-law asking him who was attending E-an at that time to let go E-an.  He expressed his sympathy for E-an.  I felt like we were going against E-an's human rights.  My BIL explained to him that it would be chaotic to let him go.

Another incident recently when we took our ERL joyride from BBST to KL Sentral.  Everyone was looking.  Some of them paused...stopped... and whispered to each other.  Allahuakhbar... When we were queueing at the grocery shop, two ladies in front of us were talking in their mother tongue and from the body language I knew they were talking about us.  Softly, I defended myself, I am afraid he will run and with all the cases now, I cannot take the risks.  The lady said yes, I understand.  At first I was shocked that I thought you were treating your son like an animal, but my friend has explained :)

And why I chose to write about this issue this month because a lady actually took a video of us on her iPad without my permission, of course!  This was before going off on ETS to Ipoh.  There I was, worried that we have gone against E-an's human rights although we are his parents and here we had an intruder eagerly taking a video of us.  Now, that is what I call invasion of privacy...erk...

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

15 minutes :-)

A short entry...

I am attending a course and was taught to practice the 15-minute habit in fulling our daily goal(s).

Block ourselves with the task (can be reading, writing, drawing, blogging:) etc.)that we have chosen and assure there is no distraction ( no phone call, no nothing :p)  Try this for 40 days then it will be a habit, Insya Allah.

The trainer shared  how his friend will quietly write for 15 minutes during tea tarik sessions at the mamak stall and in 1 year he surprised his tea tarik session friends by  publishing his book, so nothing is impossible if we make it a habit.

All the best to all of us... and spread the love...muahssss

Friday, 4 January 2013

My longest tengkujuh experience : 24 December 2012 - 5 January 2013

This entry must be very common to my Pantai Timur family members and friends, but the ones from elsewhere, kinda of cool.  I am still at my in laws' in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  I had to extend my leave since my husband could not finish his work here because of the flood, so basically I am stuck here because of the flood.  E-an would also have to register for school next week.

Generally, the weather  has been dark and wet after the second wave a few days before New Year.  

This was around 2.00 pm earlier today,
without the flash it looked like around 7.00pm.

We are lucky enough that we could still stay at home.  At this very moment, it is still raining.

At the porch after 30 minutes of heavy rain;
trying to get out of the car :)

I blame the weather ;p for craving Red Velvet.  I did not know where to find, so I posted on my FB asking anyone knows where can I get RV in KB.  My friend, Tengku Farah was nice enough to recommend Bloomhouse KB at I wanted to have RV cake, but there was only Red Velvet Triffle.  Ok my first time, so I expected triffle to be sweet plus RV... hhmmmm extra sweet... and the result was...  LOVE is in the air at the first taste... just nice... yummy...  my father-in-law and my son loved it too.  My husband and mother-in-law have never been fans of cakes :)  If you happen to be or shall I say stuck in KB, this is one of the mouth watering food you have got to taste.  This is home made as Kak Nikki plans to open a shop in the future, Insya Allah... my prayers for you.  I was also lucky that it was home delivered as she was around the corner visiting a friend who was sick.  Alhamdullilah...

Nikki Arif (013-9656300)... Pleasure food... yummy... RM45.00

Although it is a rainy season, it did not stop me from my site visit to get my oxygen supply... hehehee... 
This is where I usually shop in Pasar Siti Khadijah.

ngeee... latest

If you want to touch up your tudung etc. with more stones you can go to 
Kak Long (012-9617418)'s shop; very near from the above shops.

Ok got to stop now... yawn... I am stopping with Happy New Year 2013... Wassalam...

Monday, 31 December 2012

A fruit tasteful collagen

I started consuming collagen quite sometime ago although there were people mentioning that once you stop, your face will turn normal again.  I am a believer that every small little things that you do, something good in the future awaits you.  Anyway, I have stopped the earlier collagen when I was still single because I felt that it was quite a commitment to mix it with fruit juice every morning.

Recently, I was worried with my skin complexion that I contacted my friend, Ilin asking about BB Plus by Hai-O which has been highly discussed via FB. The funny story was a few days before I met her, a colleague at the office complemented my skin complexion to be specific facial :-)  She even said, collagen ek?  I was puzzled. hehehe... There I was worried of my ageing (heheh...) as she was mesmerizing it.  It could be the effect of the 'once upon a time' collagen... hehehe...

When I met Ilin, she was nice enough to give me 2 sachets as sample.  I tried it and I loved the hassle free of mixing it with fruit juice.  Yes, it tastes like bitter blackcurrant.  Bitter because of the fish oil effect I guess, but I love it.  You can study about this product on Hai-O website or with any Hai-O rep on FB.

The effect?  After 7 days, my skin complexion has shown changes and just can't wait to see more positive effects...  No, not selling it just sharing and appreciating the effort Hai-O has made in producing a fruit tasteful collagen.  Thumbs up :)

Friday, 30 November 2012

Fridge Magnet Crazeeee...

Assalammualaikum all... I have been very busy lately, but I promised myself to write at least one entry per month to encourage my students (especially) to write, so today I am going to share my collection of fridge magnets.

When I moved in my new house a few years back, I wanted a board for it which I can also scribble, so I decided to have a big white board in my kitchen.  Some are souvenirs (which I got two this week... one from Hong Kong and one from Medan... still waiting from the ones from Zurich... oh I love my friends :p) and some I bought myself whenever I travel be in locally or abroad.

Talking about travelling... Like I mentioned earlier, I have been very busy with office work, conference and of course family.  My family and I have gone for Cuti-cuti Malaysia.  

From 12 October 2012 to 14 October 2012, I had a workshop in Cameron Highlands, so since Ipoh was very near, my family came except for my parents because my father cannot tolerate the weather.

Then 2 weeks after that that was on 26-27 October 2012, during Hari Raya Aidil Adha weekend, we went to Penang to celebrate my dad's birthday :) Foodie Heaven...

Another 2 weeks (huh? every 2 weeks... hehehe), 10-12 November 2012, we joined my eldest sister's company Family Day in Pangkor Island.  Ngeeeeee...

In the same week, on the 15 November 2012, I went to Genting Highlands with my in-laws 
and on the next day...

we headed to Fraser's Hill and it was our first time there.  I loved the weather.

Till my next entry... oh yaaaaa feel free to add in my fridge magnet collection 
and you know where to find me... hehehe...